Carstensz Pyramid: Summit Day

Overwhelming. Breathtaking. Magnificent. Dumbfounding. Yes, some experiences and moments leave you bereft of speech – which is particularly powerful when it strikes a person who usually relishes transforming said experiences into words. Yet here I stand, and the words fail me. I try to speak, try to capture on video the immensity of the moment, …

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Advanced Zombie stage

Recently I had a nightmare, featuring me in the leading role (how narcissistic, I know!) and battling a horde of Zombies.  My younger sister turned into a zombie (sorry, Jill - probably a result of your insistence on the Walking Dead visit last December!). She was, however, a good one and worked undercover to help …

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Keep your goal in sight

It's good advice, really - we've heard it countless times from keynote speakers, read it in business and self-help books, see it highlighted in LinkedIn articles. In fact, if you google that catch phrase, you'll get over 10 million results! Perhaps one of the reasons this is so often stressed is because it's anything but …

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Sploosh! Splosh.

Anyone remember that little kindergarten chant we did as kids? "Goin' on a lion hunt. Goin' on a lion hunt. I'm not afraid!" That's what kept me going today as I saw the next yawning expanse of mud ahead ("can't go over it. Can't go under it. Gotta go THROUGH it!") Sploosh, splosh, sploosh, splosh. …

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Too high to get over, too low to get under

Are those actually song lyrics? I feel like they are, but I can't for the life of me figure out which song they belong to; it's turning into one if those brain-melt situations, so if you know, do a girl a favor and put it in the comments! 🤔 It's also a perfect description of …

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Trek day 1 – sketchy AF The day started with lots of bustle, as porter loads got packed up and distributed and we figured out who all was going on the trek with us. A couple of anomalies about porters here: many of them are women, which is something I’ve not seen before on other expeditions. In fact, the women …

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And this isn’t the hard part yet!

Have you ever been in a situation, where you have so much to say, that you don’t know where to start? I’ve been sitting here for 3 minutes, looking at a blank page and trying to organize my thoughts. “sitting here” Maybe that’s a good place to start. I’m in a rather dark, very dusty …

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Rest day before we start

Just hangin’ out at the hotel today. It’s good to take it easy and get some rest, but I’m a bit afraid it’s making me inefficient. I should be testing equipment & stuff. It’s really hot, though, and lack of a clear program kind of lulls me into complacency. So I’m netflixing (downloaded episodes, of …

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Into the woods (well, jungle..)

It's 3:28 am. Sleep has been a bit difficult tonight, despite still being quite tired. I got up to try to call my husband and son, unfortunately can't reach either of them. Same thing happened on Aconcagua before the big 5 day summit push, I guess I should get it out if my head that …

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Well. Here’s a twist

Killing time in the Timika airport this morning. Over 3 hours, which is a long time on cold, creaky metal chairs after 2 nights in airplanes. The waiting room is packed with sweaty, unwashed bodies and the damp air is stagnant and stale. My eyes hurt, after 40 hours on the road and no proper …

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