Well. Here’s a twist

Killing time in the Timika airport this morning. Over 3 hours, which is a long time on cold, creaky metal chairs after 2 nights in airplanes. The waiting room is packed with sweaty, unwashed bodies and the damp air is stagnant and stale. My eyes hurt, after 40 hours on the road and no proper …

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The Cannes Film Festival

What were you like as a kid?  Do you remember your struggles, trials and tribulations as you tackled life and the whole arduous growing-up process?  Can you recognize the person you are now, as a response and result of who you were then – shaped and refined and redefined by your experiences and your approach …

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One night in Copenhagen (and one more to go)

One of the reasons we travel is to learn about the world.  The other reason is to learn about ourselves.  Or be reminded, as the case may be - and certainly is for me on this trip to Copenhagen.  Faced with a week on my own, I decided on a whim that a quick trip …

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