Sploosh! Splosh.

Anyone remember that little kindergarten chant we did as kids? "Goin' on a lion hunt. Goin' on a lion hunt. I'm not afraid!" That's what kept me going today as I saw the next yawning expanse of mud ahead ("can't go over it. Can't go under it. Gotta go THROUGH it!") Sploosh, splosh, sploosh, splosh. …

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Trek day 1 – sketchy AF

https://youtu.be/DUR5__2Fhec The day started with lots of bustle, as porter loads got packed up and distributed and we figured out who all was going on the trek with us. A couple of anomalies about porters here: many of them are women, which is something I’ve not seen before on other expeditions. In fact, the women …

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