Carstensz Pyramid: Summit Day

Overwhelming. Breathtaking. Magnificent. Dumbfounding. Yes, some experiences and moments leave you bereft of speech – which is particularly powerful when it strikes a person who usually relishes transforming said experiences into words. Yet here I stand, and the words fail me. I try to speak, try to capture on video the immensity of the moment, …

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The climb to Camp Muir

It’s cold when I wake up at 6:45 in the morning.  The September days with the cloudless blue sky may be very warm, but the national park clearly knows that it’s fall, and the nights cool off tremendously.  Knowing it’s the last chance for a couple of days, I take a shower and then dress …

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Mountaineering training on the flanks of Rainier

The night was not as restful as I would have liked, and the morning broke early as the sounds of people showering, stomping around in mountain boots and packing gear together drifted through the (rather thin) walls.  After turning over 3 times, trying to ignore the noise and the fact that I was awake, I …

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