Into the woods (well, jungle..)

It's 3:28 am. Sleep has been a bit difficult tonight, despite still being quite tired. I got up to try to call my husband and son, unfortunately can't reach either of them. Same thing happened on Aconcagua before the big 5 day summit push, I guess I should get it out if my head that …

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Travel weary and waiting

Preparation day had a couple of surprises. Like the last minute instructions from my organizer in Indonesia to bring two MSR burners and 4 pumps. What?! The day before I set off, I have to run around shopping for more gear?! Luckily I have a relaxed and supportive husband, who shrugged and said, "okay, let's …

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a new adventure begins

“You’re going where?” “Papua.” Blank look. “You know, like Papua New Guinea.” Still blank. “Have you ever played Risk (the board game)? It's that big island down near Australia.” “ooooh. Why’re you going there?” “To climb Carstensz Pyramid.” “climb what? “ aaaand…eyes glass over. This is pretty much the conversation I’ve been having for about …

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