Travel weary and waiting

Preparation day had a couple of surprises. Like the last minute instructions from my organizer in Indonesia to bring two MSR burners and 4 pumps. What?! The day before I set off, I have to run around shopping for more gear?! Luckily I have a relaxed and supportive husband, who shrugged and said, “okay, let’s go get them.” Then as I was packing, said husband perused the news and announced, “there’s a volcano in Bali that seems to be erupting. Is that close to where you’re flying tomorrow?” We googled it and if you consider 70 km far away, then it’s all good. I laughed, shaking my head, and wondered how that could be possible…an erupting volcano on top of everything else on my mind!

But now finally, 24 hours after leaving home, I’m chillin’ at the rooftop bar in Bali, waiting for my organizer and our briefing. No flight delays due to volcano, no lost luggage, successfully negotiated a decent price for the taxi to my hotel. Okay, so we’re already 38 minutes late with the briefing…but waiting patiently is going to be a requirement over the coming days. I might as well sip another guava juice, enjoy the view, and put on my “mountain jaimi” persona. It’s time to let things happen as they will and just go with it.